What Happens When You Get to the Level 50 in Duty Roulette?

To succeed in Duty Roulette, players must get to the higher level of roulette. For those that want to be at the top, the level 50 is the next step. For those just starting, it’s time to try and level up to the next level. No matter how hard you try, you can’t reach the level 50.

ff14 duty roulette level 50

If you want to reach the level 50 in your first try, you have to become familiar with all the system. When a player reaches level 50, they will be given two options. The first is the battle screen. They can choose to battle a game for free, or they can battle for a limited amount of chips. If a player chose to battle for free, they will receive a certain amount of chips each day, or for every victory.

Those that choose to battle for chips will be given twenty chips at the beginning of the free fight. The winning can result in more chips being awarded. Those that wish to see the amount of chips awarded for each win will be able to view it in the middle of the battle.

Once a player has won enough chips, they will be able to fight. The amount of money given depends on how many times a player has been defeated by another player. One hundred will cost fifty thousand chips. There are six levels to the roulette, and each one will reward the player with different amounts of money. For every one hundred wins, the player will receive ten thousand chips.

Players can also choose to play with one of three different types of chips. The first is the spin, which will earn the player five thousand chips. The second is the roulette check, which will give a player five thousand chips when they land a hit, and three thousand when they land a single, two, or three checker roll.

For those who don’t wish to continue with free play, there is always the battle mode. Players can choose to fight a limited amount of times for free. They will be given up to ten thousand chips when they win. If they lose, they will only receive five thousand chips.

Regardless of what level players are at, the amount of money awarded for each win or loss will be the same. It is up to the player to decide if they want to continue to play, or if they want to move on to the next level. For those who continue to battle, they can expect a new exciting challenge each day. For those who would rather move on, there is always the option to continue playing in the battle mode.