Duty Roulette: Mentor Review

duty roulette mentor

Duty Roulette: Mentor Review

Duty Roulette: Mentor! is a free PC game that will provide hours of pure fun and entertainment. The storyline is simple: players must guide a small dog, Nurse, around each of the game’s levels, while defeating the increasingly challenging enemies that come their way. At the end of each level, the player is awarded with coins that can be used to purchase new weapons and new abilities for Nurse.

I was an animal lover before playing Duty Roulette: Mentor. I didn’t want to experience the same tedious experience that a lot of gamers are going through, so I decided to try the game.

The game does have its fair share of flaws, but those flaws are mostly cosmetic and not that hard to deal with. These flaws are quite common in games that require grinding, but if you are willing to take a chance at this game, I believe you will have a great time.

The main character of the game is Nurse. She is a white female dog that has very fast reflexes and agility. If you want a more realistic game play experience, then you might want to select the difficulty level that is most appropriate for your ability level. This game does offer an option to turn on difficulty levels, which allows players to have a more challenging time.

There is a huge amount of content available in this game. You can explore the jungle, fight various enemies, avoid fire and water, and find a way to unlock secrets. Overall, this is a fantastic game to play. This game also includes a mode called “Survival Mode” where players have to defend themselves from endless waves of enemies.

I have been playing this game since it was released, and I have yet to encounter any bugs or glitches. I am really looking forward to playing the final version of the game, because I am truly hoping that it gets a sequel. While playing, I noticed that there are some things that need to be fixed or added.

For example, I am disappointed that there are no optional levels available. I believe that there are only one or two optional levels included in the game, but it is better than nothing. Also, I would like to see an option to choose whether or not the game will automatically restart after failing the mission.

Overall, I believe that this game is well worth playing. It is definitely a game that I would recommend to everyone who enjoys playing first person shooters.