Composed of found footage and home movies, The Laying on of Hands documents the filmmaker’s reckoning, as he searches for his lost mother, of his childhood immersion in the martial arts and subsequent mastery of the death touch with his discovery as an adult of the power of the healing touch.

Inside Pulse: “Probably one of the strangest things you’re likely to see at the SXSW festival this year.”

Journal of Religion and Film: “The Laying on of Hands is Nick Twemlow’s personal story and as such it is not clear what it tells us about religion or healing. It is also not clear what Nick’s refusal to heal his mother tells us about him. Religion and healing are a part of the story, but they do not help us understand these practices nor do they help us understand Nick. We will probably have to wait until the next episode to find out more.”

Big Muddy
KC FilmFest
NextFrame {Director’s Choice Award}
Athens {Honorable Mention}
SF DocFest
Starz Denver
St. Louis
Iron Horse
New Filmmakers @ Anthology Film Archives

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